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Music For Earth Orbit is the new generation of space music.

It features Alex Johnson's exquisite music which is a beautiful blending of violin, bass guitar and synthesizer into a delicate tapestry of ethereal sound.


Here are some things
reviewers are saying about Music For Earth Orbit:


"Johnson plays violin, bass guitar, and synthesizer on this
pensive and slow motion orbit music which is both relaxing and thought provoking.
The album was composed as the soundtrack for a video of the same name."

Carol Wright, NAPRA Trade Journal


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Alex Johnson
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"This heavy space music release for the earthbound features the soothing strains of harmonious violin, tonal synthesizer washes, and reverberating bass tones. Each lengthy instrumental passes through phases of distant chill and somber introspection to eventually arrive at galactic centeredness.

Very calming and unavoidably relaxing, this is a good choice for late night headphone listening or massage session."
New Age Retailer

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Alex Johnson
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"Spacey, calm synth music stretching out to eternity, created for the soundtrack of a video featuring footage of the earth as seen from space. A mysterious and expansive mood pervades this sacred space music. Whether it's Sea of Tranquility, Celestial Dreams, or Spacewalk, the mood is peaceful with soaring, sweet violin melodies, synth droning and weaving in the middle ground and beautiful deep bass guitar movements to add dimension.

Very good for meditating."
Acacia, Heartsong Review

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Alex Johnson
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Music For Earth Orbit Music Samples

MP3 File: "Adagio"
MP3 File: "Sea Of Tranquility"

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7 Tracks, 60 Minutes
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