presents an 'instrumentally' multicultural performance
jivan gita

...comprised of western classical Violinist
Alex Johnson, David Brunn on the
North Indian Tabla Drums and Grand Piano,
with Diane Givens playing the ancient Tanpura of India, the sound of "Aum"

Breathe deep,
relax and sense
East joining West
in this exotic musical experience.


starAlex Johnson's powerful musical performances radiate from the depths of his being. His music reaches out in rich, expressive feelings and speaks to the emotions of his audience. For Alex Johnson "music is an experience, an expression of life force." He is the founder of the Musicians Network, offering support to musicians and those in the music industry. Releases include: Music For Earth Orbit, The Traffic Jam Suite, Orpheus, Drive 55 / Soothing Cruising

starDavid Brunn is a composer, performer and producer of music for theater, film, video and the avant-garde. He is a pioneer in synthesizer artistry and primarily composes on the grand piano. He is a teacher of the Tabla drum of North India having learned from and accompanied Masters. David's music wells from his heart and is filled with devotion. Releases include: Themes for Dreams, 1998 featured composer on Waveform Records "Slumberland" and "Upon the River Joy" co-composed with Diane Givens.

starDiane Givens believes in "Living Art" through imagery, expression and the mystery of Music. She has received numerous honors including Emmys for her work as an Art Director in the film business and with her paintings. Her release, "Upon the River Joy" co-composed with David Brunn, offers an experience of deep, soothing relaxation and enchanting melodies.


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