Music For Earth Orbit

Music For Earth Orbit
Alex Johnson

Harmonious violin melodies:
Soothing bass and synthesizer tones combine to create
“New Age / Classical” Music by Alex Johnson

Space Music For The Earthbound

Produced by Alex Johnson
Music by Alex Johnson

Recorded and Engineered by:
Don Carlson, Jet City Recording, Seattle WA

Cover Art: A portion of a “StoneHinge” Art Door
The Dharmic Engineers: Ray Pelley, Milo Duke, and Rob Schouten

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* Music For Earth Orbit
* Sea Of Tranquility
* Celestial Dreams
* The Color Was Blue
* EVA: Spacewalk
* Eos
* Requiem

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Music For Earth Orbit – Link to Bandcamp Page

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7 Tracks, 60 Minutes
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