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– by Uma Silbey

Have you ever been stuck in traffic either gaseous car fumes or refrigerated air assaulting your lungs, impatience fraying your nerves, resigned to an endless stop-and-go wear and tear on you and your car?

Did you find yourself wishing for something to both entertain and relax?

Well here it is… the perfect highway companion.

This synthesized ambient recording will bathe you with a sense of inner peace. Of course, not only is it good for the road, but it’s also useful for meditation or just for heartfully relaxed background music for home or office. It would also be great for store background music)

Its gentle rhythmic pulse (no percussion) supports the gently floating music of synthesizer, bass guitar, violin, and fuzzbass. Like much of ambient music there is no defined structure. Rather an atmosphere is created and sustained from beginning to end.

This is not “space music”, elevating you into higher realms of consciousness. It’s more for changing your mood. It is truly “music to feel good”.. pleasant, calming, and nice.

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Alex Johnson
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Alex Johnson, “The Traffic Jam Suite”
– Heartsong Review (Sequoia)

Designed and “developed for your auto’s sound system” this music was created as a part of the Car Tape Series.

This is a great album for soothing the driving beast, excellent for any jams or stuck places, be them in traffic or in the mind.

Classical background is revealed the depth of feeling, the deep bass tones and violin melodies are very calming and healing. 

The overall music is slow yet with enough interesting movement to keep the mind occupied, moving one through wide open landscapes.

Healing enough for massage or times of introspection.
Great for soothing children.

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Alex Johnson
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“ltzhak Perlman with glints of Metallica”
– Craig Lebendorfer, Seattle Weekly

Given this area’s traffic situation, the stress of getting to work these days can sometimes outweigh the stress of work itself. But the release of Alex Johnson’s The Traffic Jam Suite may make commuting easier to bear.

The Traffic Jam Suite is the first in a series of ambient music tapes for the road called “The Car Tape Series.” Johnson says he combines classical violin with his knowledge of heavy metal bass for “a musical tapestry, a true listening experience.”

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Alex Johnson
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 The Traffic Jam Suite: Music Samples

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MP3 File: “Sunbreak

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